Healthy sleep in our stone pine beds | Thermenhof Loipersdorf

Healthy sleep

Have a divine sleep

With Stone pine you are on the right side

Our cuddly rooms give you a warmth and comfort. Through the snugly atmosphere you can feel like home right away. Here you can dream the whole day, relax and let yourself go, because sleeping in a Stone pine bed is simply better

Our feel-good rooms are not only totally comfortable, they also charge you with energy and give you power. Healthy stone pine, which was processed by a local carpenter with care, revive the body and improve the sleep quality.

The positive features of this type of wood - the "queen of the Alps" have been valued and utilized for centuries. Sleeping in a premium-quality Stone pine bed is like a wellness holiday itself. Weather sensitivity and sleeplessness stand no chance. The positive effects for the body save your heart an hour's work a day, and guarantees you a good start of a relaxing holiday.

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