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What is sleep?

and how much sleep do we need?

Sleep is a part of our life.

Sleep is a vital source of energy. Sleep fulfills a whole range of functions and does not only serve the purpose of "recovery".

It is a complicated process where the stress of the day is processes. Growth in childhood and youth are regulated. Therefore, sleep disorders can occur especially in the teenage years due to the hormonal changes. Sleep is divided into 5 phases, which are always repeated. This is called sleep cycle.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for human health. Sleep turns out to be more and more important for our physical and mental health, for our fitness and vitality and above all for our well-being.

At the present time, many people suffer from sleep problems. But especially for the health of a restful sleep is particularly important. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep a day - including naps.

However, the need for sleep is very different and varies between six and ten hours. Infants have a significantly longer sleep duration and older people have a lower need for sleep.


for a healthy sleep

  • Room climate: Do not set the room temperature too high.
  • Brightness: Darken your bedroom well, but let in some more light.
  • Electrosmog: Avoid electromagnetic fields.
  • Rest: To sleep you need a quiet atmosphere.
  • Drinking water: Even when sleeping it is important that the metabolism in the body works.
  • Breathing and exercise: Sporty people are sleeping better.
  • Smoking can disturb sleep: if you have trouble sleeping, you should not smoke for three hours before going to bed.
  • Stone-pine wood: The essential oils of the wood exert a calming effect on the human organism.
  • Silent Mind: Try to let your mind rest.
  • Mattress: The correct storage of the body during sleep is the prerequisite for healthy sleep!
  • Pillow: Choose a pillow on which the head lies relaxed and optimally supports the shoulder and neck area.

Wolkenreich Schlafsystem

Healthy sleep

Two little words with great meaning. Because sleep is the most important source of regeneration in humans. In the depths of sleep, the body recovers what the day has demanded of it. Minute to minute, it recharges energy, renews himself, and gathers fresh energy into the smallest cells. Healthy sleep is ultimately the only true "fountain of youth" of life and PuchasPLUS gives it its shape.

Imagine, you sink in comforting relaxation and are virtually pressure-free from your WOOLENREICH mattress gently worn - a wonderful feeling isn't it? And best of all - you can adjust the desired degree of hardness of your cuddly mattress at the touch of a button - from very soft to quite hard. At any time and at the touch of a button!

For us as host it is important that our guests feel as comfortable as possible in bed.The perfect cuddle mattress with additional health aspect. Because your spine is stored perfectly during the night, so that the intervertebral discs are relieved, your muscle apparatus can relax and thus longer and more relaxing deep sleep phases are achievable.

The WOLKENREICH system even takes your weight into account and adapts to your body as perfectly as possible.
You can not do more for perfect sleep - enjoy it, your well-being is important to us!

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