Holidays in Styria: nature, spas, golf and more

Holidays in Styria's thermal springs region

Fabulous holiday pleasure in Loipersdorf

with its hilly thermal springs landscape

Styria's thermal springs region is located 65 km southeast of Graz, the capital of Styria. The mild climate of this hilly landscape makes Thermenland Steiermark one of Austria's most fertile areas. Hence, it not only offers culinary but also healthy and vital living standard. Styria's sunny thermal springs region is rich in natural treasures.

The area around Loipersdorf with its gentle hills is ideal for hiking and nordic walking. For those who want to go faster the cycling route network can be used.

Discover the 27-hole golf facility Loipersdorf as well as several other attractive excursion destinations. Visit one of the most breathtaking fortresses of the region, the Riegersburg, or Zotter's chocolate factory by taking a guided tour.

Needless to say Styria's culinary delights are an additional highlight of the region. For instance the Vulcano ham factory is worth visiting.

Several attractions and destinations guarantee unforgettable holidays!

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