Half board and culinary at the Thermenhof Loipersdorf

Half board and culinary joys

Finish your day relaxed

at the Thermenhof Loipersdorf

The Thermenhof Loipersdorf offers a variety of possibilities – it is certainly for our half board as well. You can decide yourself, how you want to finish your day of relaxation:

·         In good company with „hearty snacks" in one of the numerous, regional taverns called “Buschenschank”.

·         Enjoy a glass of good wine in one of the nearby inns with delicacies called Schmankerlwirte in the thermal region, such as Gasthaus Brückler.

The à la carte half board is possible from € 15,- in the surrounding  gourmet restaurants!  

No matter how you decide - the Thermenhof Loipersdorf gladly fulfills your individual wishes and needs.

Around the Thermenhof you can find an endless number of Buschenschenken – big and small, lively and peaceful, modern and rustic. They all have in common that you can enjoy your regional specialties directly at the farmers of the thermal region in comfortable atmosphere at favorable prices. Besides, there is an extraordinary inn culture around the thermal baths, where you can have a meal for a reasonable price - e. g. the Burgenland Schmankerlwirte.

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