baths and lakes in the thermal region Loipersdorf

baths and lakes in the thermal region Loipersdorf

in the surroundings

Freibad Fürstenfeld

Austria's biggest Freibad with the longest water slide

The Freibad Fürstenfeld is the biggest pool bath in Austria and stands out with its ambiente. The 23.000 m² water- and the 100.000 m² green surface offer loads of space for sunbathers and endurance swimmers, for beach babes, water freaks and guests with swim ring. The distinctive 10-metre diving tower attracts adventurers and the sports pool lets sport freaks ride „the waves of success". 

Freibad Fürstenfeld
Badstraße 1, 8280 Fürstenfeld
Telephone: 0043 3382/52650,

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 08.00 AM - 08.00 PM
Sundays and public holidays: 07.30 AM - 08.00 PM




Standbad (Lido) Burgau

Relaxation für old and young

The popular Burgauer Strandfest (Burgau Lido Festival) takes place in the Lido Burgau every year (the first weekend of August). The Lido Burgau, which is located in front of the castle, provides the optimal relaxation for all water lovers. A natural lake with lots of water play equipment, sports, non-swimmer and children’s pool make the children’s heart beat faster.

Gemeindeamt Burgau 
Telephone number: +43 (0)3383/2325
Fax number: +43 3383/2325-25
E-mail address:

Naturbadeteich (natural pond) Königsdorf

Relaxation with over 30.000 m² water surface

The Commmunity Königsdorf offers something special for water freaks and those in search of relaxation. Besides its untouched natural environment and the emerald green water the natural bathing pool has ground water which is free of chemicals and provides active relaxation. A beach volleyball court and paddle boats motivate you to do some sports; showers and drinking fountains deliver the necessary refreshment.

Naturbadesee Königsdorf 
7563 Königsdorf 
Telephone: 0043 3325 / 2266

Sports and Leisure Park Stubenbergsee

The warmest bathing lake in Austria

With its splendid location the water surface of the Stubenbergsee is nearly 40 hectares. About 15 hectares of green surface and lawn are surrounding the lake. It is warm and family friendly and a lot of fun are awaiting the guests . Pure sports adventures: bathing, swimming, sailing, surfing, tennis, beach volleyball, walking and jogging. Boat trips on the lake: the ship ticket is included in the valid entrance card.

Gemeinde Stubenberg am See 
A- 8223 Stubenberg am See 5 
Tel.:0043 3176- 8822 Fax: 03176- 8211



Freibad (lido) Jennersdorf

A special bathing experience at pleasantly warm water temperatures

The adventure pool in Jennersdorf has a lot of pools, such as the sports- and diving pool and a leisure centre. The heart of the lido is the warm water which was generated with solar energy, so that you can enjoy the pleasant water temperatures in all kinds of weather.

Freibad der Stadtgemeinde Jennersdorf
Freizeitzentrum 2, 8380 Jennersdorf
Tel: 0043 3329 / 46016

Opening hours:
Open from 1st May to 15th September
Monday - Sunday: 09.00 AM - 07.00 PM

Water Adventure World Moschendorf

The perfect destination for trips and short holidays for the whole family

A day in the Water Adventure World South-Burgenland is a day full of fun for the whole family. Experiencing the water world means feeling good and enjoying a full package of action and atmosphere.

Weinidylle Tourismus GmbH
Gaas 22, 7521 Gaas life guard / till: +43(0)3324/20078
GF Peter Schlaffer mobile phone: +43(0)664/5057357
GF Walter Strobl mobile phone: +43(0)664/1206514

Badesee (Natural Pool) Rauchwart

A diverse bathing experience for the whole family

Discover the bathing and surfing lake Rauchwart for delight, relaxation and being active. Enjoy the bubbly delight. Water games and bathing experience – a party of special quality that your children will love, too. With playground and children’s zone in the lake and water slide. Everybody who is in search of a gentle sports activity will like the paddle boat ride. The golf course at the lakeside provides a bit of change in the everyday bathing.  

Badesee Rauchwart
A-7535 Rauchwart
Telephone number: +43 (0)3327/25155

Seebad (Lakeside resort) Riegersburg

Bathing pleasure, sports and leisure possibilities

The lakeside resort provides over 18.000 m² water surface and almost the same sized place is occupied by the lawn, the beach volleyball court and the adventure paddling pools with natural water area, pit-pat course, a 36-meter long water slide and a lakeside restaurant. The purification to the crystal clear bathing water happens in a totally natural way, through a regeneration pond. A very large fishing lake and four tennis courts with club house are located just above the lakeside resort.

Seebad Riegersburg
Riegersburg 205, 8333 Riegersburg
Tel: 0043 3153 82 62



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