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Trip destinations

In Loipersdorf and the surroundings

The Riegersburg

The majestic castle is the venue for a lot of interesting exhibitions

The 850-year old Riegersburg standing on the rocks of a volcanic mountain can be seen from far away and offers a spectacular view of the gentle valleys, the green forests and the gorgeous vineyards of the South-East-Styria. 

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
30 minutes drive, 26 km

Riegersburg 1, 8333 Riegersburg
Tel.: +43/3153/821 32

Opening hours:
March, April and October, every day 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
May – September, every day 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Burg Güssing

Arts and culture in the oldest castle of the Burgenland

The oldest castle of Burgenland sits enthroned on an extinct volcanic cone and it was built as a fortification in 1157. You can reach the entrance of the outer bailey through a fortified gateway on the north side of the facility. Its inner ward is surrounded by the remains of the earlier fortress.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
30 minutes drive, 27 km

Batthyanystraße 10, 7540 Güssing
Tel.: 03322 / 43400

Opening hours:
Season: from Easter Monday to 31st October
Every day except Monday
from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Castle Kornberg

A time travel to the Middle Ages

Visit Schloss Kornberg and let yourself be enchanted by the entry to the renaissance yard with „noble" ambiente.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
15 minutes’ drive, 22 km

Schloss Kornberg, A - 8330 Feldbach
Tel.: 03152 / 41 68 oder 0664 / 43 21 367

Opening hours:
every day, also on Sundays and public holidays, 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Season: 27th March  - 23rd December

Burg Schlaining

Treasure chest in the South-Burgenland

The small settlement, Stadtschlaining, which has preserved it's Middle Age character up untill today, is a special treasure cest in the southern Burgenland

Cultural offers in Burg Schlaining:

·  European Museum of Peace

·  Burgenland and the Fall of the Iron Curtain

·  Folk Art Collection by Ludwig Toth

Schloss Weingut Thaller

Guided tours and wine tasting sessions

The Castle-Vinery Thaller is newly built and opened its gates 24th May 2006 for the first time.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
30 minutes’ drive, 24 km

8263 Großwilfersdorf, Maierhofbergen 24

Tel: +43 3387 2924 

Opening hours:
(grocery shop): every day 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Buschenschank (tavern): 
18th August 2016 – 26th November 2016
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays open from 01:00 PM

Schloss Hartberg

The former fortification from the Middle Ages

From the former sovereign castle only the three-storey palace with ogival gate remained the north part of which originates from the Middle Ages essentially. The castle is considered the secular nucleus of the city of Hartberg and it has been converted several times, the later royal couple purchased it in 1572 and converted it in the style of the Renaissance Age.

Facilities: The historical premises (knight’s hall and arcade hall) are used as cultural centre and Academy of WI-FI.

Offer: exhibitions, concerts, lectures, etc.; Evening Restaurant Schlossstüberl (Monday - Friday: 06:00 PM - 02:00 AM, Saturday: 06:00 PM - 02:00 AM).

Contact: Rathaus, 8230 Hartberg

Burg Bernstein

12th Century

The Burg Bernstein has offered protection to its inhabitants from the militant groups already since the 12th century. Correspondingly the fortification was very strong and could withstand all besiegement. Well-known families, like Batthyány and Almásy converted the castle to a comfortable home in the country, which can attend on guests with a magnificent knight’s hall and a wonderful garden area.

The character of the hotel is reflected through the fact that the charm of the old days still remains in the extensive premises. Day trippers can also visit the garden area.

Contact: Schlossweg 1, 7434 Bernstein

Schloss Burgau

The former water castle

The former water castle „Burg in der Au" was mentioned in 1367 for the first time. After several lords of the castle the Hungarian Batthyány Dynasty purchased the property. Since 1872 the Market Community Burgau has been the owner of the castle.

Offer: Cultural centre in the Thermal Region, premises for concerts, theatre, balls, weddings, exhibitions, contemporary art, castle café, excellent gastronomy.

Events: summer theatre and concerts in the Arcades Yard and in the Castle.

Schloss Kapfenstein

The former fortitied castle

Schloss Kapfenstein, a former fortified castle from the 11th century has been owned by the  Winkler-Hermaden Family since 1898 and today it is a meeting place for gourmets. Behind the thick walls of the castle a small, comfortable hotel awaits you with lots of charm. The lands on the hillsides of the extinct volcano cone are mostly used as vineyards nowadays.

Georg Winkler-Hermaden manages the „Löwenkeller" with wines of international format.

Opening hours: Winery all year round, hotel and restaurant from March to the middle of December, on public holidays by request.

Contact: Fam. Winkler-Hermaden, 8353 Schloss Kapfenstein

Burg Lockenhaus

Unique atmosphere

The impressive Burg Lockenhaus with its unique atmosphere, its past and location, embedded in the wonderful landscape of the Nature Park Geschriebenstein, offers lots of places for active adventures, stories and relaxation. It is Burgenland’s last knight castle with a knight’s hall, frescos and underground apsides hall.

Offer: Chamber music festival under the lead of Gidon Kremer in the 600-person ceremonial hall, robber night feasts by request, raptor centre.

The knight’s hall with adjoining chapel is suitable for stylish weddings, holiday stays in apartments and antique castle rooms, wedding suites; tennis court, sauna, castle tavern, cycling tracks (Nature Park),cross-country ski trail.

Pfeilburg Fürstenfeld

The oldes profane building

The Pfeilburg is the oldest profane building in the town, with the only defence tower of Styria from the Middle Ages. The related castle was a magnificent residence. With the nearby bastion the castle was as protected as with the wall and trench.  

The expansion in this form took place in the 16th and 17th centuries. The name originates from Hans Pfeilberg, who purchased the property in 1490 and the rebuilding started after the Hungarian raids of 1480. Johann Christoph Liscutin bought the building in 1691 and established the first tobacco factory in Austria.

Contact: Augustinerplatz 1, 8220 Fürstenfeld

Schloss Pöllau

Water castle from the 12th century

The castle is located in the centre of the Market Pöllau, in the middle of the Nature Park Pöllauer Tal and it originates from a water castle from the 12th century. The current appearance is characterized by grandiose baroque building style and former Augustinian monastery. The fresco room offers the appropriate location for festive events. The traditional castle ball is organized on Rosenmontag.

Offer: concerts, exhibitions, operetta performances, Schlossstüberl (restaurant, seminars, festive occasions, celebrations, weddings); the baroque fresco rooms and the former refectory provide the right scenery; the Ecological Centre makes the mental “rearmament" possible. The „First Austrian Nature Power Park" offers mental balance.

Opening hours: whole year.

Schloss Schielleiten

Schönbrunn's smaller sister

Schloss Schielleiten could be the smaller sister for Schloss Schönbrunn. A baroque gem in the Schlösserstraße. The second biggest baroque castle of Styria was built at the beginning of the 18th century by Imperial Count Wurmbrand-Stuppach. In 1935 it became the property of the Austrian Republic.  

Offer: sports- and leisure centre for training courses, 190 beds, 43 ha areal with sports facilities in the Castle Park, big multi-purpose hall, indoor tennis courts, sports fishing, ideal possibilities for organizing seminars, comfort room, seminar rooms with audio-visual equipment.

Events: Concert Series „Schielleitner Barockabende" in the Castle.

Herberstein Zoo

More than 130 animal species from all over the world

Animals from five continents can be observed here at close range: America’s animal world offers a variety of different living environments – from the tropical jungle through giddy heights of the mountains up to the prairie.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
45 minutes’ drive, 33 km

Tierwelt Herberstein
Steirischer Landestiergarten GmbH
Buchberg 50, 8223 Stubenberg am See
Tel: 03176 / 80777-0

Opening hours:
01.05 - 30.09: every day, 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Visitors can stay in the park until 06.30 PM.
01.10 - 04.11: every day, 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Visitors can stay in the park until 05:00 PM.

Styrassic Park

Back to the primeval times

They have been extinct for long or is history wrong? If you walk through the woods at the foot of Gleichenbergerkogel, you will meet over 75 dinosaurs; they are erected in their original size.  

Guided tours (groups over 10 persons):

Duration: 1 hour

Booking is necessary!

Free entrance for children
It can be used in Season 2014 in the company of a paying adult. 
It is only valid with the stamp of the Thermenhotels PuchasPLUS at the back side.
For more information see the hotel reception.  

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
60 minutes’ drive, 55 km

Dinoplatz 1, 8344 Bad Gleichenberg
Tel: 0043 3159 / 28 750

High Rope Course Stegersbach

A thrill for old and young

It is the place for pure action – High Rope Course Stegerspark. The first high rope course in nature in Burgenland was established, in a piece of woodland with 100-year old trees, between Stegersbach and Ollersdorf.

High Rope Course

4 tracks
1 Flying Fox Track
slack lines, Teambuilding Area etc.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
4 minutes’ drive, 2,2 km


Mag. Georg M. Dorfer
Wiener Straße 88, 7551 Stegersbach
Tel: 0664 / 466 15 25


Opening hours:
Friday: 01.00 PM - 06.00 PM

Saturday and Sunday:  10:00 AM - 06:00 OM (April - October)
Groups can come very day by request.  

Zotter – Chocolate for all kinds of tastes

Chocolate factory and edible zoo

All about chocolate – How is chocolate made from the beans to the bars? What is the taste of freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate? You can accompany the beans chocolate on see through paths the chocolate factory until it becomes the finished chocolate – and meanwhile you can try and taste it all of course.

Guided tours:
It is possible only with pre-booking. You can make your booking at the reception.
The guided tour „Schohophonia" with tasting very different chocolate types takes about 90 minutes.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS:
45 minutes’ drive, 39 km

8333 Riegersburg, Bergl 56A
Tel: 0043 3152 / 5554

Vulcano Ham

The pleasure factory in the moddle of the Styrian volcanic area

The Vulcano Meat-Product Factory from Auersbach in Feldbach is a unique pleasure factory.  Here, in the gently hilly volcanic area of the Austrian part of Eastern-Styria the finest premium products are created to delight your palate.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
55 minutes’ drive, 50 km

Vulcano Fleischwarenmanufaktur
Auersbach 26, 8330 Feldbach 
Tel: 03114 2151

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 12:00

Tasty fruit juices by "Xunder Xandel"

and much more

The scent of the freshly squeezed fruit from the meadows with orchards in South-Burgenland pay around with your sense of smell, if you visit the regional farm fruit juice producer, Xunder Xandl.

The Zotter Fruit Farm in Kukmirn is one of the most popular producers of fruit distillates and noble brandies in Burgenland.

The perfect combination of rustic-south-Burgenland and passionate-Italian flair: the traditional Pastry Factory Bischof in Ollersdorf introduces itself this way.

Aloisias Mehlspeiskuchl and Kaffeestubn

Wedding pastries and cakes according to Burgenland tradition

The company has the aim to preserve the Burgenland tradition of wedding pastries. In the past, friends and family members of the couple gathered to bake the wedding pastries in the bride’s kitchen or in a rented bakery together. 

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
26 minute's drive, 22 km

7512 Badersdorf, Nr. 118
Tel.: +43 3366 773 69
Fax: +43 3366 773 69

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Oil Mill Fritz - the best of pumpkin seeds

Enjoy the traditional pumpkin seed oil production with all your senses

On the outskirts of Rudersdorf, in the sunny South-Burgenland, in the idyllic location at Lafnitz-shores, you can still find one of the few working mills - the Fritz Oil Mill.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
20 minutes’ drive, 18 km

Am norgrund 1a, 7571 Rudersdorf
Tel: 03382 71 649

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 07:00-12:00 AM and 01:00 – 05:00 PM
Saturday: 8-12 AM
Booking at 03382 71 649

Chocolates from Spiegel - Sweet Delicacies

Experience the production of delicious chocolates directly at the factory

Have you always wanted to learn how chocolates are made? In the Spiegel in Bad Tatzmannsdorf you have the chance to learn everything that is worth to know about the sweet specialties!

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
26 minutes’ drive, 24 km

Tatzmannsdorfer Str. 55, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf
Tel: 03353 / 8482

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Buschenschänke (inns) and Heurigen (wine taverns)

Pamper your palate in the Buschenschänken (inns) and Heurigen (wine taverns) near the Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS. 

Monikas Buschenschank

Grabenstraße 55
7551 Stegersbach
Tel.: 0043 676/9546454, 0676/7335517

Monikas Buschenschank is about 4 minutes‘ drive from Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS. 

Riegelbergschenke H&H

Rauchwart-Bergen 224
7535 Rauchwart
Tel.: 0043 676/5235667

You can reach Riegelbergschenke H&H in approx. 10 minutes’ by car. 



Heuriger "Zum Kuruzzen"

Golfstraße 2
8291 Burgauberg
Tel.: 0043 3326/55207, 0043 664/1410071 

You can arrive at Heuriger "Zum Kuruzzen" in approx. 5 minutes by car.

Petras Heuriger

Oberlimbach 4
8271 Bad Waltersdorf
Tel.: 0043 3333/26088

Petras Heuriger is approx. 12 minutes from Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS.

Winery Thaller

Weingut Thaller
Maierhofbergen 24 
8263 Großwilfersdorf
Tel.:0043 3387/2924 

The Weingut Thaller is approx. 30 minutes’ drive from Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS.

BB1 Heuriger

Am Sonntagberg
Wagerberg 69 
8271 Bad Waltersdorf 
Tel.: 0043 3333/2055 

The BB1 Heuriger  is approx. 15 minutes’ drive from Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS. 

Verwöhnen Sie Ihren Gaumen in den Buschenschänken und Heurigen in der Nähe vom Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS. 

Wine from South-Burgenland

Different enotecas

Gebietsvinothek Südburgenland

7540 Moschendorf
Tel. +43 3324 631 82

Opening hours
From Easter to St. Martin’s Day: every day 02.00 - 07.00 PM

Ortsvinothek Eisenberg

7474 Eisenberg
Am Naturpark 1
Tel.+43 3365 2666

Opening hours
2 & 3 March, 9 & 10 March, 
16 & 17 March, 02.00 - 05.00 PM, 
From Palm Sunday to St. Martin’s Day,
Monday - Saturday 02.00 - 07.00 PM, 
Sunday & Friday 01.00 - 07.00 PM,

12 November – 22 December, 
Saturday, Sunday, Friday 02.00 - 05.00 PM

Vinothek am Eisenberg
7474 Eisenberg
Obere Kellergasse 35
Tel.+43 3365 200 90

The "Weltmaschine" (World machine)

Franz Gsellmann's life's work shines in a diversity of colours and tones

Franz Gsellmann born in 1910 in South-Styria, worked 23 years long in his life’s work that he finished just before his death in 1981. The world machine is complex interplay of countless different buildings elements which Franz Gsellmann collected at diverse flea markets and scarp yards. Everything turns around, everything moves, everything lights and flashes. It rings, rattles, chimes and whistles. The machine is alive.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
40 minutes’ drive, 28 km

Franz Gsellmann
Kaag 12, 8332 Edelsbach

Opening hours:
All year, every day (except Tuesday): 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Kellerviertel (Cellar Quarter) Heiligenbrunn

An Ensemble of wine cellars

The Cellar Quarter Heiligenbrunn is an extensive and almost completely preserved ensemble of wine cellars which have been used since the 18th century. The old cellars, which are partly covered with straw, contain mostly old wine presses from the 17th century.

Booking of guided tours... 

... turn to one of the following able members of the Viticulture and Cellar Association Heiligenbrunn:

Chairman, Mr. Johann Csandl: 0043 680/1307540

Chairman, Mr. Leopold Pfeiffer: 0043 664/9571109

Open - Air Museum Ensemble Gerersdorf

An insight into the culture of the 18th and 19th centuries

In the appealing landscape of southern Burgenland you can find a rather attractive excursion destination near Güssing. The 32 buildings, mainly straw covered very old residential and agricultural buildings, accommodate a wealth of down-to-earth everyday objects and farmyard equipment, which provide you with a comprehensive insight into the Pannonian culture of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Village shop: 
In the village shop you can find culinary products from local farmers and artisan’s products from the region.

Gerersdorf 66, 7542 Gerersdorf
Tel.: 0043 3328/32255 oder 0043 664/582108
Opening hours – Village shop: 
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon & 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Sunday: 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Pottery and Ceramics from Stein Keramik

Wonderful ceramics vessels are made according to the customer's wishes

At Stein Keramik they only produce hand-made and hand-painted potteries and ceramics. The goods are dish-washer safe and can be used for baking as well.

The manufacture is focused on custom-made products according to the customer’s special guidelines. You can also observe how your vessels are made and painted in the atelier.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
34 minutes’ drive, 28 km

Stein-Keramik, Brigitta Rädler 
Stein Nr. 131, A - 8280 Fürstenfeld
Tel: 0043 3382 8730

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 noon
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon

Artist's village Neumarkt an der Raab

A place for inspiration

The community St. Martin an der Raab is surrounded by a land with ancient culture where the Romans had settled, and the  artists’ village Neumarkt an der Raab is a part of it, as well. The diversity of cultures, coming from the history of Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, created a lively tradition, which got new impulses in the artists’ village.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
38 minutes’ drive, 36 km

Kulturverein Neumarkt an der Raab
Hauptstraße 45, 8380 Neumarkt an der Raab
Telephone number: 0043 3329/46527

Dreiländer- Nature park Raab

untouched nature

The hotel is located in the middle of the border triangle of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. The Dreiländereck Nature Park Raab offers numerous adventure tours for both old and young. You can discover nature by canoe in adventurous ways: it functions very well in the south of the country, on the Feistritz, Lafnitz or Raab. An exciting day in a 2-person or a 3-person canoe strengthens the team spirit when you master the gently obstacles together. Special tours (romantic tour, border tour, adventure tour, ...) are offered with professional guidance from the middle of April to the middle of October. You can get information about the prices of the canoe trips at the reception.

Distance from Thermenhotel PuchasPlus:
34 minutes’ drive, 34 km

Naturpark Raab
Information Point Jennersdorf
Kirchenstraße 4, 8380 Jennersdorf
Tel. +43 3329 484 53



The liberating light path


Between the communities Ollersdorf and Stegersbach there are positive lines of force which spread in a radial pattern around the Healing Spring of Wallfahrtskirche Ollersdorf. 7 power places were established along these lines of force corresponding to the 7 energy circles (chakras) of our body.

Birgit Geschray (Project Management)
0043 664/35 26 566
Tourism Office: 0043 3326/52 0 52



Bad Radkersburg

700 years but still quite young

Southern flair, love of life and moderne lifestyle combine with history and tradition. Historic buildings, stunning facades, cosy coffee houses and shops, a regional museum worth a visite - an old town with charme and the little PLUS.

Years and years, the town was an important marketplace in Styria and now is a whitness of time. 1987 the city was rewarded with an medal of Europa for the care of the monuments.

Contact: Hauptplatz 14, 8490 Bad Radkersburg


The city of thermal baths

The capital of the thermal baths Fürstenfeld is offering you countless coffehouses, restaurants and shopping opportunities. Close to Fürstenfeld there is the Therme Loipersdorf, the first thermal bath in the booming thermal region of south-eastern Styria. Fürstenfeld is a must visite for many thermal bath guests. 




Historic and modern

The Grazer Schlossberg with its famous clocktower, the cablecar, the Felsensteig with its unique view, the Mur with the Mur-Island, the Kunsthaus and the Franziskaner-quarter - a meeting point for both old and young, the library, the Joanneums-quarter, the "Bermudadreieck" (Bermuda Triangle) and so on and on.

Dip into the City with its unique flair, the culinary delicacies, the vivid gastronomy and the diverse cultural offers.



Community Bernstein

On the tracks of Edelserpentin

The Community Bernstein is on the bottom Bernstein-mountains, one of the most charming landscapes of the Burgenland. The Community is known for its Edelserpentin. For the visitors, the community with its districts Dreihütten, Redschlag, Rettenbach and Stuben is a popular destination.

Hauptplatz 5, 7434 Bernstein 
Telefon +43 3354 66 20
Fax +43 3354 66 20-14

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