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Golfing region Loipersdorf

Thermal - Golfcourse

Covering 2 Countries

8 Thermal baths in the area of 50 km are in the Thermenregion around the Thermenhof. However it as well could be named Golfregion, as there are 11 golf courses within a 100 km radius.

Embedded in the Feistritz and Lafnitz  there is the Thermen golf-course Loipersdorf. 

Greenfree prices: € 65,- (monday - thursday) and € 75,- (friday - sunday)

The so called "Golfschaukel" in the sout-burgenland Stegersbach is Austrias greatest golfing-resort. Two 18-hole-golf-courses, one 9-hole-golf-course and the Simon Tarr Golfing-academy are the heart of the so called "Golfmekka".

Green-fee prices: € 69,- (monday - thursday) and € 76,- (friday - sunday)

Even over the borders of Styria Freiberg is known for its peace and quiet. The ideal place for a round of golf. The fairway with 3 holes is the ideal place to begin with. The heart of the course, the pond area is as well the most exciting place of the course.  Here it was possible to integrate the golfing course in the most ecological way into the east-styrian landscape - an memorable experience.

Further golfing possibilities

  • Bad Gleichenberg (40 km) 
  • Bad Tatzmannsdorf (65 km)
  • Liebenau und Andritz (Graz)
  • Frauenthal
  • Maria Lankowitz 
  • Murhof/Fronleiten
  • Murstätten/Lebring

... and at all those golfing courses, there is a discount on the green-fee just for the Thermenhof guests.


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