Riding around the thermal region Loipersdorf

Riding in the thermal region

Riding - one of the most populare leisure activity! 

In the surroundings we can suggest you some riding clubs for your personal riding experience:

Reitclub Eisenberg:

The riding club is in the southern burgendland in the nature park at Raab on the border to hungary and slovenia. In the riding club there are courses for beginners and advanced riders. Also guests with their own horses are warmely welcome. Special highlights are the hike-rides.


Erich Jost, Unterberg 35, 8383 St.Martin a.d.Raab
erich.jost@gmx.at or +43 (0) 664 92 16 867


Iceland horses Desput:

The old Vierkanthof is in the natural thermal region Loipersdorf. The horses are held in a free stable. They also have the perfect grounds for Tölt. Besides free rides there are also some tournaments here at the stable.


Nadja Desput, Dietersdorf 22, 8282 Loipersdorf
isi.desput@aon.at oder +43 (0) 664 42 83 142

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