at 4-star Thermenhotel PuchasPlus

We are small, fine, personal, familial

PuchasPLUS is an independent, personal and family-owned hotel of the 4**** category. The quality standards are mainly based on the maximum size of the rooms, generosity and on the exceptional familial and cordial support.

PuchasPLUS is unique - cordial and regular guest-orientated 

PuchasPLUS Hotel is living hospitality expressed in the exceptional regular guest philosophy. Cordiality, sensitivity and personal support are visible signs. Nowadays time is the most valuable thing. Sense of time at PuchasPLUS means time for tranquillity, time for thermal spa, time for two, time for romance, time for recreation and well-being. At our house primarily the individual, nature, tranquillity and happiness are most important. Above all, we take our time for a personal conversation, for consultation, for coming together and for sociability.

Great value for money and top offers

absolutely GOOD VALUE

Due to the exceptional regular guest orientation very attractive packages are available throughout the year. Regular guest weeks, advantages for single travelers, top offers and many other offers repeatedly delight our guests.

top brands guaranteed – best quality 

Compliance with the quality standards of Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS is ensured by regular checks. Regionality and sustainability are of utmost importance to us, therefore we exclusively prefer regional quality products.

Our offers

Discover the reasonably priced offers and packages of 4* Thermenhotel PuchasPLUS!

Regular guest offer, last minute offers, short-trip specials, please have a look at our various offers and packages.

Offers & packages
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