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Healthy sleep at Thermenhotel Stegersbach

Swiss pine brings recreation while sleeping

PuchasPLUS Swiss pine beds – a unique sleeping experience!

For the furnishing of our hotel rooms domestic solid wood was used. The extra-large solid Swiss pine beds ensure an especially comfortable and healthy sleep. Those beds are 3.9 inches (10 cm) higher, longer and wider than normal (39.37 x 82.68 in / 100 x 210 cm). The special characteristics of Swiss pine is slowing down the heartbeat.

The first sleeping cycle goes deeper, recreation of the whole body is better than usual. By this significantly improved sleeping quality you are that refreshed and relaxed in the morning with the result that your heart rate decreases even during the day! As a result the organism saves approx. 3,500 heartbeats or approx. 1 hour of "heart activity" per day. Even "weather sensitivity" is stopped by the Swiss pine. Having Swiss pine wood in the room, the circulatory system remains stable in spite of changing atmospheric pressure!

Our Swiss pine solid wood beds are manufactured by traditional craft techniques. Do yourself a favour and select a metall-free bed made of Swiss pine solid wood for a relaxing bedding system as this is the ideal basis for a relaxing, recreational sleep and refreshed awakening in the morning.

Enter a unique world of sleeping with all your senses, let yourself go, enjoy, relax, be with yourself only - for real sleeping comfort, function and aesthetics merge into an exceptional overall concept.

Since your sleeping place is your entrance to healthy sleep, PuchasPLUS Swiss pine beds are the way into the depths of your recreative dreams.

Feel more vital energy, balance and power due to recreational and healthy sleep in our Swiss pine beds!

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