Thermal spring water | Thermal Spa in Burgenland

Thermal spring water

in Stegersbach

good for body and soul

The thermal spring water in Stegersbach has always been perceived as pleasing and healing due to its cosy warmth and beneficial effect on the human body.

A precious treasure of nature gathering since the Palaeozoic era - a time when life mainly took place in the oceans. Long before the harmful environmental influences of modern times.

Stored in a depth of up to 3,000 m it developed its wonderful energy and efficacy. The positive effects are due to the high content of divalent sulphur, the high concentration of sodium hydrogen carbonate and the cosy warm temperature.

Taking into account the provisions of Burgenland's law for health and spa resorts the Stegersbach springs thermal I and thermal II are sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral-thermal sulphur spring (TH I) and sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral-thermal spring (TH II).

The effects

of thermal spring water

Thermal spring water against stress

Bathing in thermal spring water is relaxing. Everybody who has done before knows that. Now it has been scientifically proven: an internationally renowned study* revealed that after a 25-minute bath in thermal spring water cortisol levels in the saliva significantly decrease. Cortisol is a natural hormone  responsible for many metabolism processes and is increasingly released during stress. It is an indicator of stress. Of course, we need this hormone, but not in case we want to relax. 

Thermal spring water is especially recommended for:

  • chronic-inflammatory rheumatoid disorders
  • functional and degenerative spine and joint disorders
  • posttraumatic injury of the musculoskeletal system
  • cardiovascular regulation disorders

Water analysis

Thermal I:

Sodium 650.6 mg/l
Hydrogen carbonate 1712.3 mg/l
Sulphur 3.13 mg/l
In addition, a high proportion of skin-friendly organic solids

Thermal II:
Sodium 270 mg/l
Hydrogen carbonate 738 mg/l

Water temperatures of the various pools:

  • Active pool 34 degrees celsius
  • Wave pool 30 degrees celsius
  • Cascade pools 35 degrees celsius
  • Sports pool 26 degrees celsius
  • Jacuzzi sauna 34 degrees celsius
  • Plunge pool sauna 24 degrees celsius
  • Jacuzzi 35 degrees celsius
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